The upward force of youth - the 2017 Longcheer Spark Project

Spring, is the season of recovery, everything is full of vitality. Look, Longcheer also welcomed the students of this year’s ‘Spark Project’

In order to enable the new students to have a more comprehensive understanding of the enterprise development and business mechanism, to accelerate the role transformation of everyone from the campus to the workplace, and at the same time to enhance the students' collective sense of belonging, the company has developed a training plan. During the whole six months, through the learning and assessment of the three important stages of cultural promotion, theory, practice and on-the-job practice, we have exported a batch of high-quality new employees to various business departments and injected fresh blood into the development of the company.

  Cultural Promotion

From huizhou to zhenjiang, from zhenjiang to Shanghai, Longcheer seniors went to various places to give students a detailed introduction of the company's development and business direction, so that they can quickly understand the company; Through some cultural courses and interesting games and competitions, we can quickly integrate into the big family of the Longcheer, feel the culture of the Longcheer, and further understand our mission in the future.

 Theory + production line

Theoretical basis learning required by the position, professional tutors to answer questions, regular assessment of learning results.

 Factory practice, understanding and familiar with the production line and workshop operation process, to lay a good foundation for the later work.


On-the-job teaching

 One-on-one tutor, theory and practice, qualified, so easy!

In this regard, we also wish all the students who have joined Longcheer to complete their gorgeous transformation into professionals as soon as possible. Through the process of continuous self-improvement and making up for their shortcomings, I have laid a foundation for the future to quickly integrate into the new work and team. Let's put what we have learned into practice, complete every task in the future, and contribute to the performance of the company