Outstanding, start from professional——2018 sales training camp & business skills improvement training camp

In 2018, according to the company's business development, after combined with the needs of the business department, setting "sales training camp" and "business skills training camp" two series of talent training projects for the sales and RD team, to assist the company's future business development. 

In order to improve the overall sales level of the company's sales team and build a sales elite team, we specially cooperate with senior marketing coaches in the industry to create a series of tailored sales courses to help to master the core strategy of product design, sales practice and relevant practical negotiation skills.


At the same time in order to develop RD department could be able to develop a new direction of thinking and coping skills, we especially organized a structured thinking and compelling series of workplace skills training, to make an easy solution to further understand how to make communication full of logic and skills, to work together in the future more smooth and efficient.