Rapid Rain Stopped, Sunshine of Youth Shined


The sudden rain brought coolness to the whole city.

The rain also became the first challenge the little suns newly employed faced.

They received the scrub of wind and rain, no abandoning, no giving up, gradually fading away their sentiment and childishness.

After the rain, all the dark clouds have dispersed, and the sun is still shining.

New little suns cheered up and met the new journey of life.

They will radiate their own unique light in Longcheer and inject new vitality into the company.

Assemble and Issue Mobilization Orders, Ready to Start

On the day of entry, they gathered for the first time, and with curiosity, they had a preliminary understanding of Longcheer.

At the kick-off meeting, they learned about the training plan for fresh graduates and defined their development direction.

With ambition and pride of youth, they were unstoppable, determining to be little suns of pacesetters.

Come on, little suns, stars do not ask passers-by why they travel but illuminate the road ahead, time does not disappoint those who sets his mind on it.



Rain or Shine, Blaze Trails and Break Paths

        In the scorching sun, they stood tall and straight, with neat lines, and their military songs were loud and clear, showing high morale.

In the wind and rain, they forged ahead, walked nonstop, and encouraged each other to walk for 16 kilometers.

Whether it's Bingo combat or cooking competition, they all had an orderly division of labor and tacit cooperation.

They kept “There is love, there is righteousness and there is future. Dare to think, dare to do and dare to bear”in mind throughout.

Focus, Explore and Learn

Listening to senior executives talking about the business, recalling the past and looking forward to the future, little suns learnt the determination that Longcheer sticked to mainstream products and serve first-class customers, and deeply agreed with the core values of“customer centered, contributor oriented, long-termnism”of Longcheer. As new members of Longcheer, they will continue to stick to it, work hard and contribute to the development of the company.


 By studying IPD procedures and learning production procedures of products, little suns understood the importance of practice process. Shorten R&D period, improve product quality, for the core competition of the company, Longcheer staff will keep learning and improving.



After hearing the sharing of Longcheer culture, little suns understood the mission, vision and core values of the company more profoundly, and felt the warmth brought by humanistic care. Cultural activities are rich and colorful, and the work and life of Longcheer people are wonderful.

Senior students also brought their experience and feelings: how to change identity, how to adjust mentality, how to grow fast, and how to seize the opportunity for promotion? Little suns asked questions actively, combining others’ experience, and expanding growth ways which were suitable for themselves.

There were some common skills which were necessary, including learning self-management, improving efficiency, mastering effective communication means, regulating mail formats, which helped little suns become qualified employers as soon as possible.



Full of Expectations, with Bright Future

The training came to an end, while the production line internship has been continued, it’s not over yet.

This was only a start of road to workplace for little suns. In the future, they will face more challenges and harvest rich fruits definitely.

Little suns of Longcheer, please go ahead and create your own gorgeous life! Wish you a bright future and a worthwhile trip!