Recognize your position, promote the way of your management - The perfect ending of 2015 Longcheer middle management training camp

Golden October, the harvest season. October 24-25, October 31 - November 1, 2015, Longcheer middle management training camp stage 3 ushered its perfect ending in Shanghai and Huizhou. For this extensive training, HRs in the head office customized high-quality courses of group management. By teaching manager positioning and thinking, the courses aimed to help these middle managers to build manager’s thinking mode and truly become the mainstay of the company.

Accurate positioning, the transition from excellence to perfection

From the beginning to the end of Longcheer mid-level training camp, we insist on "management, organization, innovation, leadership, execution, influence, communication" and elaborate the management qualities from a macro perspective. Then in a micro perspective, combined with their own practical experience and real cases, we study the courses together with all managers. The courses include self-cognition, performance management tools and perfect team construction, showing students the way of effort. At the end of the course, the teachers hope that the middle-level managers can grow up despite the negations, move forward in reflection, and strive on the way to perfection.

Individualized, "situational leadership" the way of management

It’s not difficult to realize that no matter for individuals or teams , we run through a concept called "situational leadership". It breaks the "managerial selfishness”, advocates “subordinates-oriented” concept, by adjusting leaders’ behaviors to influence subordinates, thus achieving success of management.There are four types of courses, instructive type, coach type, support type, authorizing type. teachers with their own management experience, through the case guide, video observation, practical exercises, help students master 4 types of management. The courses guide students to better management.

Deepen project learning, promote the follow-up progress of the project

Three rounds of training in the middle training camp came to an end. With the help of teachers, the participants gained a recognition of their role, enhanced their management thinking. They felt the power of cooperation and got to know the way to perfection. The combination of knowledge and practice is the end of learning, HRs hope managers can promote the effectiveness of the training, and use what they have learned in the management.