Employee Activities

Be with you, in Longcheer

Life with children is just like a fairy tale consists of joys and sorrows.

The first Saturday of July comes the anniversary of ‘Family Day’ in Longcheer.  With the sunshine on shoulders, everyone is immersed in a warmly festival atmosphere. 


 Parents and children are required to get together first to enjoy the morning concert which is called enlightenment teaching of marimba. It seems that the melodious tune brings people to the music paradise.


Now it’s playtime. In the part of Mind Quiz related to Hundred Thousand Whys and Encyclopedia, children have much fun through expressing themselves creatively.

Innocent kids are explaining their family lives in the expression of painting by themselves.

Getting involved in Family Day Event is not only challenging children’s memory, but making them understand the background and history of Longcheer better in a lively atmosphere.


The complete success of the Family Day Event demonstrates how wonderful having a harmonious family as well as provides parents and children a good opportunity to acquire knowledge. Meanwhile, the business culture of Longcheer is developed in this way to promote people to get along with each other harmoniously and seek for mutual development.

Wish all the parents and children good health and happy forever.