Employee Activities

Wonderful Moments in Longcheer

To enrich staff's life, produce a healthy and active working environment as well as publicize its business culture, Longcheer conducts different activities for club members. Let's appreciate their performances~


A group photo of members from different basketball clubs.

They are combative with enthusiasm. It won’t be dull if these basketball clubs get together to compete in a game.

Basketball club in Shanghai

Basketball Club in Shenzhen

Basketball Club in Huizhou

Members of basketball club cooperate well in the match. Football club members are also required to cooperate with each other. Let's see some pictures of football club.

Football Club in Shanghai

Now comes the one-to-one battle after the fierce team competition.

Badminton Club in Shanghai

Table Tennis in Shanghai 

Tennis Club in Shanghai

Billiards Club in Shanghai 

Let's finish with the picture of Yoga Club. Being different from other club's atmosphere, elegant beauties enjoy Yoga and life, showing us the charm of Yoga.

Yoga club in Shanghai

So many activities contribute to a good working environment. Let's look forward to more wonderful moments~